Building, Racing and Gaming, All-in-One from BanBao


10 September 2014

The BanBao RaceClub is reinventing the play experience for all children. The toy of the future, the toy of the next generation is on the market, thanks to the BanBao Toy Factory. It is extremely innovative and all the kids will simply love it. Why? Let's discover it together!



For only 4.99 Euro you get 22 bricks to build one car with Pull-Back action plus one scan card plus one race track. First you have to build your amazing racing car following the instructions found in the box.  After you checked the Pull Back action and you had fun with the real car which can shoot up to 10 meters ahead, you download the BanBao application for Android or Apple tablet or phone (depending on what you will be using to play). Then using your phone or tablet you scan the Scan Card found in the box and your car will appear on the screen like magic. This is one of the most exciting moments as the way the car will appear on the screen it is innovative and spectacular. 



The next step is the scanning of the race map that you found on the box too. From this point your play will become virtual and you can start the race on your device.

There are 16 cars and 8 different track to race on. The nicest part? The building, the virtual gaming... hearing the sound of your little car like a real racing one on your device, the variate tracks where you can virtually drive the car. All the 16 cars are completely different waiting to be part of a magnificent collection.

It is a toy that will be taken to your child friends and definitely will be part of their life. They will use it to play using it's Pull Back action but the most fun will they have it scanning the cards and the race maps and the racing against each other as of course this is the best way to compete! They will be able to keep scores and each time they meet they will love to start from the last race. 



These new race cars for the first time offer children an affordable, fun & educational toy where they can build, play and game all in one and, why not, is the first toy that is able to make kids play together, be engaged in the same activity, socialize! 

BanBao Team is proud to introduce your kids in their first virtual reality racing world, is it proud to introduce them to the future!

Join the BanBao RaceClub!

BanBao Team



BanBao Junior Bricks Educational Ideas for Preschoolers


31 August 2014

Finding every day new and exciting activities for kids at kindergarten age could be challenging sometimes. For this reason BanBao team decided to give you some ideas that every teacher or parent should use while playing with the Banbao bricks. There are endless choices and there will always be a fun and educational way to Play2Learn with the fantastic bricks. From Alphabet to Counting, from Building to Imagine BanBao bricks should be the first toy choice for every kid.



Learning alphabet. There are lots of choices when we speak about learning the alphabet with the bricks. We can simply write the letters on one side of the bricks or more interesting is to try to build each letter with them. Looking forward we can write various small words on the bricks and try to sort them in sentences or even associate the written bricks with animals or personages (Policeman, Fireman or  Mum and Dad, dogs and cows)

Making a BanBao Marble Run. It is easy and fun! Either we choose a pattern from a book or we use our imagination this is a nice activity that will help children  with their fine motor skills, pattern making, sequencing, problem solving and planning, concepts of direction (left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards), gross motor skills, language development and story telling skills (through imaginative play).

Learning patterns. Children learn to recognize, create, copy and extend patterns through repeated daily activities. Integrating five minute patterning activities into your daily schedule is not only fun for the children, but also helps them to be aware of patterns in their daily surroundings. Teaching pattern to kindergarten is included in most lists and is often categorized under the heading of "Algebra". Algebra is about seeing relationships and as children recognize and create patterns they begin to see and understand how things work together.



Learning shapes, sizes, colors. Children can build triangles, rectangles, squares. This is the first lesson of Geometry. There will be fun building easy structures, finding bigger pieces or smaller pieces, making a tall tower or a small one, sorting the bricks by color and shape.



Learning Math. The bricks will help you the most. Adding with bricks never been easier as it is visual and interesting. A simple white sheet where you can write the numbers from 1 to 10 will give you the perfect place to add the bricks and start counting. Since when Math started to be that easy?



For kindergartens, waiting areas in various offices or other small play rooms like restaurants or coffee shops BanBao offers a unique set with table and chairs and a box with bricks. This set is also fun to use at home especially where are two or more children.



For the learning activities parents will need the BanBao board plus any BanBao box with lots of bricks. Ordering online with BanBao website is safe, easy and help you from the trouble of a day spend outside in the heat. Plus the BanBao online shop has all the boxes on stock. The packages reach any city in Cyprus in maximum 2 days.

More and more ideas you will find in our next Banbao Newsletters. BanBao team will help you discover a magnificent, innovative world for you and your children.

Be Smart with Banbao Building Bricks and Learn2Play!

BanBao Team



Re-imagine learning - The innovative playstyle


28 July 2014

Play is one of the brain’s favourite ways of learning. It allows kids to practice, experiment and test how they might tackle similar challenges in the real world as children develop creative and critical skills along the way. BanBao building bricks develop that kind of skill, mandatory for future engineers. Can you learn while playing? Yes! BanBao toy bricks make it innovative!


BanBao Pirates BanBao Seesaw & Turntable



The best prove is the Trendy City playset which is the only set where you can build an entirely city out of bricks. An amazing adventure is about to happen opening each box of the set and there are so many:  6109 Girls Dream House 405 Bricks, 6110 Girls Amusement Park 401 Bricks,  6111 Girls Beauty Salons 382 Bricks,  6112 Girls Pet Shop 320 Bricks , 6113 Girls Hyun Stage 318 Bricks,  6115 Girls Café 338 Bricks,  6116 Girls Flower Shop 252 Bricks, 6117 Girls Ice-Cream Car 223 Bricks,  6118 Girls Snack Car 120 Bricks, 6119 Girls Convertible Car 113 Bricks.

It is so simple taking the boxes, following the instructions and be surprised about the result an immense  Brick City where you can enjoy your favourite lifestyle: buying flowers, driving a car, eating Ice Cream, taking your dog to the Pet Shop for its favourite food, going in the beauty saloon for a nice haircut and taking out your friends to the Girls Cafe for a nice cup of tea and finally why not to feel happy in your own Dream House. Of course the favourite place will be the Amusement Park that can be reached with the special Convertible Car. 


BanBao Pirates BanBao Seesaw & Turntable


With Banbao brick toys the joy is tremendous as you can build and rebuild for hours of learning while having fun. What you can learn? 

  • Following instruction
  • How to take care of your pets
  • How to build a house
  • How to grow flowers
  • What is the ice cream made of
  • And, why not, how to start your own business

This is the innovative playstyle, learning trough experiment, trough free play. 
The BanBao innovative playstyle will increase your children brain activity via innovative thinking, experiencing new stimuli that will make your kids smarter,  more creative, more sociable, and more open to new experiences. Playing with BanBao bricks can be a real challenge for children of almost any age. BanBao can awaken your child’s imagination and curiosity. Studies show that playing with BanBao Building toys can help a child’s brain process and assimilate information from their environment and can aid in the development of motor skills as well.

The best way to start is with your first little box of the Trendy City playset... then the minute you discover them they will be part of you kids most wished toys !


BanBao Pirates BanBao Seesaw & Turntable


Play2learn with BanBao Bricks!
Happy building from BanBao Team!



Jack The Pirate and the Treasure Island only at BanBao


15 July 2014

Pirates stories had always been part of our kids childhood. The magnificent world of ships and pirates going on the sea ,meeting mermaids and strange sea creatures... following very old maps, running after treasures on deserted islands, meeting witches and lost princess are part of a dream, no matter if you are old or young. Finding an old bottle on a sunny beach and looking in it, maybe you can find a lost message of a lonely passenger. It is a mystery which needs to be solved and needs to be discovered. 
Children love mysteries, treasures and pirates and Captain Jack The Pirate will always be in their hearts.


BanBao Pirates


BanBao new series of Pirates Toys will help you entertain your children thousands of hours as you have a story, you have something to build and then to play. There are 4 main boxes that make the Pirates Series welcomed in to your kids rooms and hearts. 

The main box comprises in 850 bricks and which gives life to the biggest invincible Pirate Ship (BanBao 8702 Invincible Pirate Ship 850 bricks). There is everything on board from treasure chests to cannons and parrots and five ToBee Mini Figures Captain Jack, Quarter Master, Sailing Master, Master Gunner, and a Mate will make a very good team to start sailing. 
For your next island conquer you will need all cannons and bombs available on the ship and you could always add more from the next box belonging to the Pirate series – BanBao 8709 Invader 140 bricks. This new box will  help by adding more weapons, more bombs, guns, swords and daggers to the biggest battle that will ever occur in the conquer of the Treasure Island. 
Of course you will need a harbour where you can stop your ship for more supplies and this will come in our next box BanBao 8707 Harbor 502 Bricks. This box comes also with the Governors Boat where the Soldiers ( 2 ToBee – One Captain and one Soldier)are ready to start the fight against the Robbers (another 2 ToBee pirates on the way).   
The last box of the set BanBao 8026 Pirate Set Cart & Figure 54 Bricks will add more Pirates and Soldiers to the team and a carload for the treasure plus some pets helpers.


BanBao Pirates BanBao Seesaw & Turntable


An extraordinary series with more then 1564 Brick for unlimited fun and play will bring all the kids on an fantastic Pirate Adventure.
Building, playing and learning in the same time, a perfect occasion for parents to share stories, to improve  children vocabulary, to share an interesting  history lesson.
We should not forget that spending time with our kids while playing can bring the most memorable family moments, creating an  healthy atmosphere where children can learn while having fun.


BanBao Pirates BanBao Seesaw & Turntable


Build for your future! Build for having fun!
BanBao Team



The importance of role playing for kids using BanBao bricks!


20 June 2014

Play is the business of childhood, allowing your kids to experiment with the world around them and the emotional world inside them. Pretending, or imaginative play, is one of the cornerstones of a young kid’s world. Children begin to demonstrate this behavior around the age of 2.

There are many important learning benefits of Imaginative Play like:

  • It provides opportunities for children to identify with the adult world, to practice and role play, their understanding and interpretation.
  • Develop social skills by practicing negotiation skills, turn taking and sharing. Provides opportunities for working out problems and experimenting with solutions.
  • Emotional development: Understanding and expressing their feelings through certain experiences.
  • Encourages imagination: Children can be anyone and do anything in the pretend world.
  • Develop language skills: practicing listening, looking and talking. Being spoken to and talking with other people, also developing an understanding of what is being communicated through body language such as smiles and nodding.
  • I also believe that imaginative play is a great way for children to relax and unwind from their busy lives.

BanBao building sets are among the best choices when we are thinking about pretend playing, following instruction, developing hand-eye coordination, improving dexterity, developing imagination.

Today we would love to introduce you to one of the most successful BanBao set: the Playground.


BanBao Swing BanBao Seesaw & Turntable


This set is one of the best choices, when the parents are interested to develop the role playing for their kids being close to the immediate reality of the child, one of the first contacts that children usually experience outside of their houses. The Playground set can be build out of the BanBao Seesaw&Turntable Bricks Box, BanBao Life Style Bricks Box and BanBao Swing Bricks Box with a total of more then 186 bricks. You could also choose the BanBao Build your World box to develop your game more.

There are thousands of possibilities. Out of these bricks, a marvelous play park will be created with more than 6 Tobees (the little characters of BanBao). Being so close to the reality, kids can imagine their own experiences in the park, going on the slide or swings, running after their friends, talking to them, taking turns, sitting at the table and relaxing. Children could choose first to follow the instruction to build the entire area like it is shown on the boxes, or they can build different structures using the same bricks improving their imagination. You can use a stacking base board to facilitate the construction and to be able to keep the play area for the next day.


BanBao Stacking Base Board BanBao Bricks


You could also add houses or blocks to build a more complex structure up to creating your small fantasy city. You should not forget that no matter to which box the bricks belong, you can build whatever you imagine.

You can use this play park game to improve the communication with your child, discussing about his behavior outside, adding more and more connection with the real world, starting from going in the car, crossing the street, how to play with their friends, and safety rules when are outside with the parents.

The attention you show your child when you play together is key to building his self-esteem. When you pretend along with him, you're showing him that you accept his make-believe world, that something he's interested in is fun and important to you, too.

BanBao toys not only help your kid’s minds to grow, but they are also a lot of fun to play with. That makes them a great learning tool to use with your children.


BanBao Swing BanBao Seesaw & Turntable